Sunday, May 6, 2012

Persuasive Writing Lesson Plan

Teacher: Leticia Sitler

Subject Area:  Language Arts

Grade Level:  2nd Grade

Unit Title:  Persuasive writing/Time 1.5 hours

Lesson Title:  Bling for Sale!! 


The student will be able to generate ideas and plans for writing by using brainstorming, and clustering

TEKS §110.13. English Language Arts and Reading

(A) plan a first draft by generating ideas for writing (e.g., drawing, sharing ideas, listing key ideas);

 (20) Writing/Persuasive Texts. Students write persuasive texts to influence the attitudes or actions of a specific audience on specific issues. Students are expected to write persuasive statements about issues that are important to the student for the appropriate audience in the school, home, or local community.

C(1)(A)use prior knowledge and experiences to understand meanings in English;
C(2)(D)  monitor understanding of spoken language during classroom instruction and interactions and seek clarification as needed;
C(3) (E)  share information in cooperative learning interactions;


Sticky notes for revising, adding descriptive language

Writing Journal

15 Min Anticipatory Set:  Prior to the lesson the students will discuss what bracelets they have created at their social studies center.  They will brainstorm ideas as to why anyone would want to buy their product.  If they feel that they can brainstorm a better product we will hear those out at this time.  Students will have to defend why their product should be sold.    Teacher script:   Boys and girls, during Social Studies today we discussed the roles we have as consumers and producers.  We had the chance to make our own product.  What makes our product so special.  How could we talk other students in the school and maybe even teachers and parents to buy our bracelets?  (Teacher props:  web to organize ideas.)  With your elbow partner try and think of different reasons as to why students, teachers and parents should buy our bracelets.  Let’s use our web now to write down any reasons why you like your bracelets.  Is it their color, are they the school colors?  What will we do with the money?  Are we selling our product for a good cause?  Do they fit just small wrists or will they fit anyone?  (Continue prompting questions until web is filled) 

Objective/Purpose:  By the end of our lesson we will be able to brainstorm reasons and ideas as to why a product should be sold.  Students will be able to distinguish writing as persuasive writing.  Students will also be able to draft, edit, revise and publish a persuasive essay to complement our advertising posters in social studies. 

5-7 Min Input:  It is essential for students to understand the different types of writing and what the elements of persuasive language consist of.    Teacher script:  Boys and girls, we have written stories before and we’ve discussed the difference between Fiction and Nonfiction.  Now we are going to talk about one kind of kind of Non-fiction.  Writers who write to persuade or talk someone into buying, trying, or doing something are using persuasive writing.  Good writers want to make sure they include all the reasons why the reader should buy, try or do what the writer wants them to.  People who sell goods have to do this to sell their products.  They have great writers describe the product, show how easy it is to use and why the reader should have their product.  Let’s watch an example of how persuasive writing is in our television every day!

3 Min Model: I will demonstrating an example of what a persuasive writer does by showing a youtube video of Billy Mays selling a product.

Teacher script:  A typical persuasive piece is divided into three parts:

·        A clear statement of opinion

·        Arguments (save the best for last)

·        Conclusion

* Please remember boys and girls that this persuasive writing  will have facts about our bracelets and also include thoughts and feelings or Opinions as to why we think they should buy our bracelets.  What is the opinion Billy Mays is trying to get us to accept?  What arguments does he have to back it up?  What is the conclusion of his product, what will happen if we use his product? 
All Students:  Teacher will allow students to brainstorm together in groups. 

Teacher Behavior: Teacher will monitor the room and observe and listen to student conversation.  The teacher will intervene only to pose questions to further discussion along. 

Special populations: Teacher will provide students a graphic organizer with titles for each section to organize their ideas as they interact within their groups.

ELL/Bilingual Populations: Teacher will provide key vocabulary that can be used during their discussion and writing process.    Vocabulary to be used:  Persuasive, Opinion, Fact, Argument, Conclusion.  List of adjectives and their meanings with pictures.  Allow students to write in their native language if they need to.

GT Populations:  They will use their brainstorming and persuasive essay to make their own infomercial such as the one shown of Billy Mays.

Check for understanding: I will conference with students and discuss their position in the writing process.  At the end of the lesson the writing piece should depict their understanding for persuasive writing.  Teacher Script:  Students as I call you up to my table please bring your writing journal so that we can discuss how your persuasive arguments are coming along.

15-20 Min Guided Practice:  In groups the students will brainstorm and as a class we will discuss how we can arrange our reasons to best persuade our readers using the computer lab and writing our persuasive map. 

Activity 1  Using their graphic organizers students will be in groups of 4 for the brainstorming .  They will discuss the reasons why their product should be sold, to whom it should be sold and what makes it appealing. 

Activity 2  I will create a center in which they select their own topic (out of possible topic box) and write a persuasive quick write using blank persuasive writing map. 

5 Min Closure  We will go back to the story and talk about how we as the class have become producers and whom are consumers will be.  We plan and discuss the next step in our writing process.  Teacher script:  Boys and girls, today we talked about persuasive writing and how important it is for us to persuade others to buy our product.  Working in groups is really important to brainstorming our essays and tomorrow we will put all of our thoughts together in our essay using our arguments. 

40 Min Independent Practice   Students will select products or ideas by selecting a strip of paper from a box in our writing center during centers and create a web listing reasons why we should buy, think or do what the prompt tells us.    

I've Included links to my Persuasive Center as well as a link to the Oreo Template.

Oreo Template

I'm also including a link to where you can find the publishing paper and writing paper.
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Book to use with this lesson or with integrated Social Studies Lesson
All the resources included in the center.
 The folders are number to let the students know which order to use them in.
This center is made to be portable for those that do not
have room for permanent centers.


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